MaziTek GH Won the First National Engineering Competition

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Team Mazitek Gh from the University of Energy and Natural Resources demonstrated how our homes could be controlled remotely and automatically via our smart phones.

Various appliances such as fans, lights, blenders, air-conditioners, television sets, refrigerators etc. can easily be controlled whether the user is present at home or not.

The project was geared towards conserving energy, saving time and money and also aiding the aged and physically challenged.

The project also contributed to solving two of the Sustainable Development Goals: Goal 9 and 10.

The team emerged first at the end of the day after being able to beat the other teams by satisfying the requirements of the panel

Team Members

For the competition

Zakaria Mohammed

Team Leader

Emmanuel Amissah

Team Member

Martha Teye Teiko

Team Member

Emmanuel Nyantakyi Agyapong

Team Member

Adu Pisang Richmond

Team Member

  • Date: 2017

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